• Design and development of a special heavy lift remote aerial video drone
  • Design and development of a 5 axis stabilizer¬†gimbal
  • Implementation of 3D vision system to inspect food jars
  • Automatic packer for plastic cap using 2-axis robotic system
  • Development and system integration of Seal Feeding and Placement robotic cell
  • Design and development of specialized aerial filming Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
  • Design and development of a Near Field Communication (NFC) door opener
  • Development and manufacturing of a personalized veding Kiosks
  • Design and development of Robotic Hot Melt Dispensing
  • Design and development of vision guided pick and place robot
  • Special Modular Package Delivery System for UAVs
  • Design and development of vision-based inspection and automation module
  • Design and Development of a UAV for Powerline Thermal and Visual Inspection
  • Integration and Development of Co-robots for Manufacturing Applications
  • Design and Development of Intralogistic Mobile Robot for Factory Automation
  • Design and Development of a Camera Standoff Subsystem for Aerial Video Drones
  • Weatherproof solutions for Remote Aerial Vehicles
  • Design and Development of a Camera Auto-leveler System
  • Robotic camera motion control system
  • Ultra-fast Actuation System with a Softlanding Mechanism
  • Compact and Low Cost Hall Effect Linear Positioning Sensor
  • Investigation of Bi-directionality in Solenoids
  • Sensorless Position Control of a Voice coil actuator
  • High power force oscillator and drive electronics
  • Magnetic actuator conception for medical injection